Saturday, January 24, 2009

House work

I think paying off the house might have inspired dh to take trimming out the house more seriously. nagging or asking any questions. What it has done for me is that I have been looking at the homestead differently when I pull in the driveway. Don't ask me why but I get this weird little feeling of "wow, no more payments" each time I've driven in since yesterday. I have less of a sensation to dance on the table but still might every so often just to keep my reputation with the children and husband of being odd alive and well.

I smell popcorn so must run and eat some. I love popcorn. My dear daughter made some popcorn and is a little cranky as she did not buy sufficient sewing supplies so cannot tackle her latest project. Poor, poor daughter. I feel for her and I am sure her daddy can too as he too has forgotten key supplies during one of his projects. Like father, like daughter. She is going to watch a movie instead. I should read more Bonhoeffer. I find a lot of Bonhoeffer hurts my brain and I can only take so much at a time.

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