Friday, January 09, 2009

Off to the Knackers with me

If I were a cow (which I am not) I would have been sent to the knackers a long time ago. Nursing babies is WORK for me. There are those moms who worry about leaking all over the place but not me. I am just happy my baby is leaking at all. The past several babies have been a challenge in the weight gain department so I have had to really concentrate on how much I eat, drink, rest etc. If I get that right then I can at least provide for the little peep squeaks. The other thing I have resorted to and not given a hoot about is having little Miss Ingrid stay with me all night. The little nipper at least will get a bonus then and her weight gain has been the best of any of them. The question of "Is she sleeping through the night?" is always a little awkward as I cannot help people understand this sleeping with the baby thing and not see it as I am spoiling her or something. She is actually a very happy and content baby so why throw her in her crib just yet? The few babies before her that I threw them in the crib started to lose their steady gain of weight trend. Do I care if those moms who are not off to the knackers put their babies in their cribs from the get go? No. I sometimes can feel that I am not a 'with it' mom as I haven't done that yet with Ingrid but I am at least happy to be a 42 year old mom who does not really give a hoot if I am doing this mom thing right or not. Being 40 something is certainly good for learning how to ignore the norms of society.


Cara said...

My first and second slept with my husband and I all the time and didn't leave our bed (or stop nursing) until they were nearly 18months. Our third is 8 months and has been sleeping on her own for a couple of months now. We only moved her out of our bed because she wasn't getting any sleep (and wasn't really nursing either) and it really seemed to be affecting her during the day. My husband encouraged me to give it a try and she did beautifully. If she does wake up, it's not hard to get her back to sleep. Every child is different! (Of course, I'm sure that I don't have to tell you that.) I am one of 7 children and my Mom is amazing.

Susan said...

I have a theory that the most exhausting thing about new babies is the lack of sleep Mom gets. (I can't believe how different I feel when I sleep all night straight through as opposed to when the cats are like yo-yos, needing the door opened all night.) I found sleeping with the baby to be a lovely way to get more sleep! Who needs to WAKE UP to feed a baby???

Karin said...

Cara - yep, they are all different. Many of ours were done sleeping well with us by three months. This topic seems unreasonably important to a lot. But......I have many friends who live the same way with their little people.

Susan.....exactly. We both have been sleeping great from the get go. ;o)