Friday, January 23, 2009

Debt free!!!! Yippee!

God richly and daily provides all we need to support this body and life! The mortgage is paid off! Christ be praised! I am such a happy woman.

So I went to the bank today sort of by accident. Anna needed a pair of shoes repaired and the bank was across the street from the shoe doctor. I decide to pop in and ask about the whole process. Our goal this month at the bank was to pay off our mortgage. It did not occur to me until I walked into the bank that I could do that today. Charley only gets paid once a month so we weren't going to have another pay check so.....why not today? I told the information lady why I was there and we both got sort of excited. Surprisingly I got butterflies in my stomach as it was hitting me what a wonderful point this was in life to be completely debt free. I was not expecting to feel anything but while she was working out the paper work I was just feeling stunned and grateful it was over with. She warmly congratulated me and I skipped out the door with an official looking paper in hand. Jumping up and down for joy.

I called Charley and suggested we go out to eat to celebrate (we RARELY go out to eat) and he said something about wanting to celebrate with friends. I said "But Charles dear, I am your WIFE and this is OUR house we are talking about". "Oh, good point. Let's do that." So his choice is Texas Road House. It is not always my favorite as it can be a little loud at times but if the husband wants a steak then so be it. I am going to ask for a table rather than a squishy booth. Ingrid will be along for a ride and there is just no room in those booths for the mom and the baby.

Cheers everyone. If there is a little extra spring in my step you will know why.


Debbie Theiss said...

Yipppeeeeee! We are working towards that goal as well. Eight more years on ours, unless we do more than we are already doing. Did you pay extra payments? We are doing that and are on an accelerated payoff plan. Good for you guys!!!!!!

Karin said...

We paid extra. Perservere! Every extra dollar paid is worth an incredible ammount off in interest.

Kim said...


Lauriinnc said...

Congratulations indeed!