Friday, January 30, 2009

We have erased yesterday

This morning I suggested we get out our imaginary wipe on/wipe off boards and erase yesterday. I do feel a lot more sane today and keep having to remind myself that I am the Mommy! And don't you forget it! There are so many yucky, tedious things that drag me down but I am somewhat ready to face the little whipper snappers again. I did really appreciate what Glenda had to say on her post on motivation. We are reviewing a list of places to go as a reward for our goal setting. The Field Museum in Chicago I believe is our first pick.

Today my spirits were also lifted by finding a car seat carriage carrier (or whatever you would call it) and my back is sighing in relief. It was second hand, the price was right, and mommy and baby are happy. No more lugging the car seat awkwardly around and being sore all over.

I do believe a therapeutic walk is on the agenda this evening as well. The unshoveled sidewalks make me sore just by themselves. So.....maybe the snow will melt someday. Snow, snow, snow with no end in sight.

Thank you again Glenda! and your hubby too!

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