Tuesday, January 06, 2009


I have been playi;ng 'put out the fires' lately. Between helping Anna to calmly get ready for her audition, getting a hold of the house, listening to screaming, irrational two year olds, and doing all the incidentals I would say I am in a little bit of struggle time. Am I ok? Yes, I suppose. I think I am ok but drat that vocation is keeping me on my toes and I feel life is RRUUUNNNN and not much fun. I did have a great weekend visiting with many friends who I don't see enough of but I am definitely paying for it now.

I went to Anna's lesson on Monday and all I can say is "wow!" I didn't know her fingers moved that fast. I think she should be fine for her audition. She seems pretty confidant and has another lesson on Thursday morning. She gets to play in the Debartemelo Building (whatever it is called) on this INCREDIBLE organ. She did that through the summer too and since ND is not up and running yet she is having a few lessons there.

I also seem to not be able to remember anything. I have lost A LOT of stuff that I need to find. I found one of them and that is a relief but now I have an illusive library book that needs located. I put things in special places so I will remember where they are and voila! I forget where that is.

Screaming. Why must two year olds scream? There is no talking sense into them. I thank God for bedtime which at least affords an hour or so of peace before I fall asleep and then......he's up again. He did nap today but I was of course away from home and couldn't enjoy that quiet for too long. When he is happy he is quite cute and agreeable but I think he has the winter blues or something. He loves being outside but refuses to wear mittens so....he can't go out.

Charley returned to his work vocation yesterday. He is somewhat tight lipped and biding his time on a few issues so I am hoping there is some resolution for him. His previous boss retired before Christmas......we shall see.

It is almost time to take off for the Epiphany service but took time to write this little post.

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