Sunday, January 18, 2009

I think I need some exercise

I have been living somewhat in terror of the scale and contrary to some people's opinion need to figure out how to lose even a little bit of weight. I can't go to the extreme of my popcorn diet of years ago as Ingrid probably would be the loser in that plan, but SOMETHING needs to change. I was having a great time exercising over Christmas break but now it has been snowing or completely way too cold to even get outside. My not exercising also brings on that word Anna uses of Constantensation which I haven't fully appreciated it's meaning till I finally figured out what that meant this weekend. There is nothing to make me feel that tense outside of an overwhelming list of things to do and also my desire to curl up in a chair and catch up on all the reading I need to do for school. Reading in a chair will not help the filth go away.

The kids are upstairs taking down the tree and then I hope to clean up the blurp on the floors before Anna and I run off to an organ concert at ND. I need to fit in feeding the blurper in the next hour as well. Hmmmm........

I will try not to think too much about my newly stocked supply of Meade (spelling?) that might tempt me while avoiding my vocation. "Mom!" chirps the two year old as he discovers me in the basement. He is napless and didn't eat lunch so early to bed for him tonight.

Ok, ok, back to the house rescue......

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