Thursday, January 08, 2009

You are amazing

So says many when visiting with us. I guess I should be flying high since people find me so amazing. Am I really so amazing or just doing what God has given me to do? In the next breath the same people will look at me with concern and ask if we are going to have anymore children. I am not so fond of that question as it smacks of "None of your business and this seems like a pretty personal question to me." Hmmmmm......this has been discussed on another blog before so this is not a new thought. Where but with my like minded friends can I talk about how I am OK with my family and my life. Sure there are times when I wish some of the kiddos would learn to not be such sinful little creatures but sin happens. I just need to stay up a little later at times to recharge.

I was contemplating this morning, how moms of many ARE professionals. Who else can manage children of all ages as well as mothers and not find it freakish to have one preparing for college while there is a two year old being introduced to the potty and a four month old 'vomiting' (as the neighbor called it) on the floor beside him. It goes with the territory. The game plan of the morning IS.......spring from bed, start decaf machine, reboot laundry, feed and water dog and kick him out, fold laundry, contemplate whether to get the crew up, and perhaps wash a floor or two (yes, I do wash floors on occasion and without guilt), unload dishwasher, contemplate dinner and if there is anything for lunch and then at 8:00am deal with the kids who are up and compiling their list for the day. Then while doing all that I think random thoughts of what each child needs and sometimes an occasional thought of the older children's lives and what is the next thing I need to do for them besides find them clothes that fit or cut their hair or whatever. Who says that being a mother is mindless. I also throw in there the wife vocation (oh yeah, him) and consider whether he has clothes that are ironed and presentable, if his tummy is happy, are the children following the tightwad regiment, and if the legos are out of his path to protect his poor feet in the night or early morning. (I just thought how God gave me Ingrid to keep up on the floor washing - blurp, blurp.)

If being a wife and mother and taking care of the people in my life is so unrewarding than why am I so busy? It must be drudgery eh? My favorite part is helping the older kids contemplate their future vocations and work on those areas that need attention. I have especially enjoyed teaching literature in our coop so my reading brain is exercised.

Why would anyone feel fulfilled caring for people in their lives? If you are a doctor or nurse and get a paycheck then caring for others is considered worthwhile but if you care for your family it must be less admirable????? Go figure.

So.....if we have twins next year or a singleton then don't fuss at me. I don't mind my family and we have tightwadism and 'affording' the children down to a science. I put 'affording' in quotes as that seems rather insulting. Do I look into my baby's eyes and contemplate if I will be able to 'afford' her???? Not! If I love my life why do others worry themselves with if it is right for me????? Ok, I will shut up now. I am not upset at anyone in particular but little comments accumulate into thought processes on how the general public evaluates what I am up to........

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