Thursday, January 29, 2009

Loony update

I called my walking friend and she was up to taking a walk so we scheduled a time and I watched the clock to know when to run out the door. Well.....while we were attempting dinner the phone rang and she had to bow out as there was an errand that she had to do that could not wait. So.....I begged my family for someone to go with me. No one volunteered. I must be too scary or it is too cold or something. It occurred to me to ask the hubby and.....he agreed! I insisted it be on my regular walking path as I knew he would want to stay in the neighborhood and I did not want to. It is dark and much slippier around these parts and my friend's neighborhood has lights and more shoveled areas. Off we went. After a few blocks he asked if we were almost done. We had barely begun. I drug him through the neighborhood which I am pretty sure is a four mile hike and it was just a good thing he came with. We talked through my insanity and I do appreciate the time he took which would not be his regular choice of evening activities. He was cold, slipped, (I caught him :o)) got hungry, evaluated the lack of shoveling even from the fire department, sped up towards the end and made for the car. I usually talk with Cindy about books we are reading etc. so asked him what he has been reading and he actually bit and told me about his latest book on wood - riveting. All and all it was a good walk. One wrong turn in that neighborhood and you are completely lost but I made it without my friend, feel a little better, and hope I can go again tomorrow night. Thanks Charley.

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