Thursday, January 08, 2009

Psyching ourselves up

I should just say that I am psyched up for Anna. I went again to her lesson which it ended up that we were there quite a long time. Her poor teacher must have been soaking up the last opportunities to sleep in before his classes begin and he.....forgot. He actually remembered at 9:00am when we were supposed to begin and came 45 minutes later. I never saw a man look so humbly embarrassed over forgetting. It was ok. His guilt afforded us a longer lesson and Anna was able to practice a long time before and afterwards.

We leave a week from today. We plan to party on Thursday night and try to be responsible and calm and go to bed early on Friday. Her audition is at 8:30am (ouch) on Saturday so we will have to be up plenty early so as not to be too groggy for the event. I suppose I can sleep in a chair somewhere as I doubt I will be with her considering Ingrid will be with me. It is exciting to me to hear her progress and I guess it is somewhat invigorating to witness another person excelling at what they have worked so hard to do.

Had a conversation last night with an empty nester and she was looking at me quite seriously and telling me how incredibly hard the process was for her. Sigh. "You are going to miss her terribly Karin". I know. She knew what I meant that I would miss her companionship most of all. Many assume I will miss her ability to work around the house and help with the kids but frankly there hasn't been too much of that going on so I am already weaned from that. Erik and Matthew are 'the housekeepers' now. They will be WELL equipped for the life ahead of them.

Oh, Ingrid was talking with the Notre Dame employees who were VERY charmed with her cuteness. Her best compliment yet was "Ingrid, what a absolutely wonderful name!" Thank you Notre Dame employee. Most people don't say anything at all. Another woman earlier this week said "Ingrid, we need more Ingrids in the world" Yes, we do. Perhaps we will start a trend.

I am now at my mother's and Ingrid is getting eaten up by her Grandmother. What will she do without anymore babies to hold? Ingrid is wonderful to hold. She has enjoyed every single one of the babies (ok, Stefan was a little difficult). The kids are VERY quiet right now and we are wondering what they are doing. Hmmmm........

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