Saturday, January 19, 2008

Benjamin's Bday- because I'm Benjamin

That is his favorite pronouncement. Benjamin turned 5 on Thursday, because he's Benjamin. He is such a smiley cutie pie. He was sick as a dog though and I think he was last year as well. We tried to get his dinner on the table in a timely way so he wouldn't be too tired and he managed to nibble some of his dinner. Charley looked at him and asked him if he would rather wait till another day for his cake and just go to bed and he said yes. Sigh. He was wiped. He did manage to open his gift "I'm Still Here in the Bathtub" by Katz and we read/sang a little bit to him before he trudged off to beddy bye land.

Last night, we got out his cake and sang happy birthday to him again and he was still feeling awful. He could barely blow out his five candles. It was really quite pitiful. Blow! Cough, cough. (Yum, yum). Off he went to bed again.

This morning at 12:30am he got up hallucinating with a high fever. Ugh. I loved him up, drugged him up, prayed with him and tucked him back in bed. He slept till 9:00. His little brother got up at 4:30 am so my plan of having a lot of energy and getting caught up has not been real successful.

Benjamin is much better today so he is back to his perpetual playing mode. Happy child, happier parents. Maybe some sleep tonight. Happy birthday Benjamin!

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