Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Two naps a day

That is the way it should be. Stefan thinks so too. So it rained a lot yesterday then turned to snow and bitter cold. Thus art classes were canceled and LaRena and I cheerfully called a snow day as we knew the roads were a mess. So.......we kept the wood stove stuffed and warm, did laundry and I discovered with our new found space that the dear children will escape from their mother leaving her falling asleep on the couch with Stefan. This happened twice! Unbelievable. Perhaps I should pray for more snow. I don't seem to sleep at night too well so this could be another alternative. Stefan enjoyed it too.

So most the laundry is caught up and I just sent hte kids to the kitchen to get it cleaned up. It sure needs some work. Leftovers for dinner is the plan. No new pots and pans to clean.

I need to make contact with my dh sometime but he seems to mysteriously disappear whenever I try his number. What? Is he working or something?

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