Friday, January 04, 2008

The Fugitive

I just love that movie. My dh gave a fresh copy to me for Christmas. We wore out the video. I love it because it is not the run of the mill bang up shoot up sort of mystery story but the characters have brains. Perhaps I just enjoy people using their brains. I know this is an old movie but if anyone knows of some fresh movies or old movies that are also brainy I am open to suggestions.

I love how the characters play off of each other in this movie too. They are both sort of beligerant and know what they are after and it takes much of the movie before they start to see eye to eye. The desperation in the doctors eyes to prove he did not kill his wife. Love it.

Maybe I am too much like the Marshall "You are not in prison so I am going to put you there - that is my job". Me: "You did not do your job, go to bed" "Your dog is legally dangerous, keep it away from me" "This is not your business........I am not asking for your input" (Ew that was sort of yucky) He just says it like it is. Maybe I would like some of his other movies. I don't like ALL of Harrison Ford's movies.

So there you have it. That is what we watched New Year's Eve by-the-way.

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