Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Resolution to conflict rant

How in the world does one make resolution to conflict without talking about it????? Ignoring a problem/misunderstanding/hurt feelings are never resolved by just glossing over the problems. THat is just the way it is. I personally am famous for saying it like it is and so I suppose I have a reputation for being difficult or surprising or not everyone's favorite person. I do not go around plotting to be 'forthright' but sometimes it just happens. Why do people pretend there is nothing to talk about!!!!!!!! Or......let's see......there is a log in your family member's eye so there must not be any specks in mine???? I never have stated that I don't play a role in misunderstanding and so that is just part of fuel to the misunderstanding! Ugh. If we talk about things then we can understand how the other party is different or has a different perspective on a situation. Ugh, ugh and double ugh. I too attempted pretending and nope, not working. I am not a 'Pretender' (but we do like that show, lavender trench coats and all - Miss Parker is such the feminist - shocking really). we muddle through another day of being social weirdos, but the pastor said that sometimes we Christians just are perculiar. I believe it is in Matthew that conflict resolution is addressed by....'gasp' Jesus himself. Hmmmmm.......could this be important?????

Rant, rant, rant.......

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