Friday, January 04, 2008

Floor sanding and finishing

So tomorrow morning is the big day. Charley sands and finishes the new floor. He is CLEARLY a little nervous and looking forward to it being OVER with. I am looking forward to it as well. I was thinking about how we have sort of moved as many times as we have redone rooms in this house. Every time we revamp a room everything has to be taken out of it and maybe there is some random container or two from every room that has been done that still lurks in storage land. Charley and I have only moved twice in our marraige but seemingly endless times in rooms. I am not sure where the time comes from to go through all that stuff that doesn't get put back into the rooms. THis room is completely new to us but the garage stuff had to go somewhere. Sigh.

We will have to throw a room warming party or something. This is the year our mortgage finally goes away. Phew. There is another reason to party. The room looks fantastic in my opinion and someone said something to the effect of Charley laying down his life for his family to get this room done. I said he is looking forward to laying down his body tomorrow night and also to not working this hard for awhile. We figured out he hammered around 14,000 nails in with this floor laying hammer thingy. Ouch. He did manage to read a book to the little people tonight and tackle one very messy diaper.

Stay tuned

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