Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sanding done, coat number one on

So I think I am just sick of projects. This particular project will be incredible for our family so I am grateful. The upheaval to the family is more than a little wearing. So.....yay......the sanding is done and the first coat just went on. The hubby is a much happier person. He has had a magical transformation (Hey, he's a transformer!) Cool. The floor is beautiful as well.

I had my fun walk with a friend, my mom fought the fog to bring Martin home, and I went to deliver Marissa's sweater. New babies are ever so sweet. I had a good talk with her mommy and how fun to talk about her children instead of her child. Cool again.

Epiphany service was great this morning. Marissa's mommy wanted to come but thought it was at night. Oops. There were a lot of people in church and it was great to see people home for Christmas. We are finishing off Christmas presents this evening so all and all this has been a full day. Is it time for bed yet?

Fighting alert from downstairs........later.

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Anita said...

Stop! I'm so bummed I had to miss today. This sinus bug just won't quit :(

Enjoy your new floor. I remember when Smiley redid our floors at the last house. Ahhh, no more black soled socks, lol! I'd like these one done but neither one of us are ready for that project just yet;)