Wednesday, January 23, 2008


My ds Erik is contemplating whether to remain in Scouts. He is so close to Eagle but is not seeing much point to the whole thing. No, it is not because he is academically challenged or anything. Erik really is model material for Eagle so it will be a little struggle and a process for his dear old mom and dad if he in fact drops out. Sigh. I am not sure how much more energy I have to help with such things and he clearly has strong feelings so we will talk it out and see what happens. He is the hardest working, generous with his time, kind young man that I could ever wish him to be. Sure he has his struggles with some things but as far as things in general I couldn't ask for a nicer son. I am proud of him no matter what and hope I can help him reach a conclusion if he is not already set on his decision.

More muddling.......

Two and half hours till Charley gets home.

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Polly said...

It was really hard on me when Caleb dropped out as a Life Scout - what a doofus!

However, I came to realize that scouting gave him much enjoyment and benefits, even if he didn't reach the holy grail. Hang in there Mom!

p.s. - sadly, it was a good thing you weren't here this weekend. Our one toilet reached critical mass when we all had food poisoning.....
New bathroom on the way!!!!!!!!!