Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tacky posts

So I vent sometimes. I was talking to a friend about how there are some things that I would LOVE to vent about but can't as I am not sure I want everyone to read them. Not major yucky venting or anything but venting that is about some stuff about ME. Venting about misunderstandings is just that, venting. I don't find it that shocking myself but if I blog enough I can at least make that post go further down the list of posts. Sure I could delete it but why? I do feel strongly that friends should talk to one another if there are problems and that is what it means to love each other. I have friends who would chase me down if I didn't talk to them and those are what friends are supposed to be like. So......I suppose I should chase them down who refuse to talk????? That is a good question? Feel free to respond. It is refreshing to have friends who do care though and who would chase me down if need be.

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