Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fighting the housecleaning fight

I have no energy lately to attack the various areas of perpetual clutter, mess, smell, I wonder how to devise a new plan. A new plan......always a new plan. I suppose not blogging, venting, finding a place to take a nap, being tired of being cold and feeding the wood God, does not help me tackle the mess. I think I should go have a blitz for the next hour and clean this disaster. My poor darlings are tired of getting food for the wood God, going out in the cold to feel animules, facing the dishes and so I guess some sunshine and just goofing off with some friends is in order. There is plotting amongst the boys to get together with friends this weekend. An hour of cleaning won't kill them.

I should go ride herd on the oven fries so they actually get done early enough so we don't have to inhale them as we walk out of the house for church.

Anna and I are discussing all the shocking things we do. I suppose not chasing the dishes 24/7 is shocking. Sigh. We are fine but feeling like social misfits at the same time. Happy boys downstairs being ridiculous. They must be enjoying each other's company or something.

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