Thursday, January 24, 2008

Interesting day

I would say school went well this morning. The kids were better than I have ever seen them this morning for catechesis. Wow. All kids worked hard on their math and listened to their history attentively. Wow. I do need to spend some time preparing more for history. I feel we bounce from one thing to another and prep time is lacking.

It snowed a lot this afternoon which I do love but it makes for hazardous traveling. The kids all came home and were somewhat productive which was also good.

Weird email but that is ok. Muddle, muddle.

Charley is working hard on plans for the vestment cabinet for church. I am very excited about this. It looks awesome from the drawings and I am sure the pastors won't know what to do with themselves when it is done. I am baffled that the vestments stay up on what they are on currently. I haven't gone and examined it as I have never set foot in the sacristy but I have heard stories.

Have thought to talk to Erik about visiting a different troop before he makes his final decision. He is Scout material if there ever was one. Sigh again.

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