Saturday, January 19, 2008

Six coats later

I guess my motivation to blog has not been real great since the new room is complete. After six coats of finish on the floor, we moved the furniture in and I could just stay in there all day. It is really quite remarkable. All the smaller variety children have decided it is the place to slide and collapse on the floor. I suppose it looks like a gym floor to them and since they are short people that is what they feel needs to be done there.

Our couch purchase of a few years ago moved in the new room. These couches were far larger than we thought they were so they made our old furniture look like hobbit furniture. If you are ever over here and we suggest we sit on the hobbit furniture, it is because of that huge furniture that was in there before. I think we must be hobbits. I feel like one lately. Hybernate, eat yummy food, fall asleep on the huge furniture.......The huge furniture which I suppose should be named something - Ent furniture???? Is that how you spell that? So anyway, life is good in the new room. Sandy was able to cycle through all the kids for piano and I am sure it was a far more pleasant experience than being squished in our old dining room.

I hope to get the rest of the house in order so that it doesn't retain that clutter look. Just moving the furniture around has made a huge difference.

Now......the view out the window is the next project.......come visit when it is dark for right now.


organistsandra said...

Wow! Two posts in one day. Life is happening at a fast pace at the Horners. :-)

The new room is gorgeous. Are you going to plan the celebration, or should we all just show up some time to break in the dance floor? (If it's impromptu, you don't have to clean!)

Karin said...

True, celebration is in order. There is a lack of trim on the walls and windows but....we could always have another celebration! I will give this serious thought.