Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Mommy rant

So I decided to put a new twist on responsibility or lack there of, around here. I have found I am still their brain so we broke down jobs into weekly and daily jobs. Weekly are to be done on Saturday mornings and daily need to be done before night activities. THe penalty will be not going to Scouts and going to bed early and on church nights it will be plain going to bed as soon as we get home. I am having to break myself of the habit of reminding them. That is hard actually. I am the great reminding machine. I figure if they can get into an automatic mode then there will be less screaming and barking at people around here. Stupid arguements fall into the go to bed early category as well. Stupid fits over who is holding the catechism papers will get you to bed early too. How silly.

On the lighter side the floor is completely laid and Charley is investigating the sander/poly plan. He is trying to please me in trying to keep the color natural but so far is not coming up with a completely satisfying solution. The floor is gorgeous and I am so looking forward to using that room to listen to my children play the piano, read to them and to myself and of course to knit. THere are details to finish and we will keep plugging along with them with a little encouragement from our friends.

I am reaming out my room of random, weird stuff and hope to sleep more peacefully and at least be less injured in the middle of the night for making my way through it. Ugh. The home of every random thing is my room. I have banned my room as a dumping ground. Figure out where it goes kids. We adults are guilty too of randomly placing things wherever because we don't know what to do with stuff. Stuff.....stuff......stuff.......not too much added this year at CHristmas. More books and music then anything else. Some needed clothing was the other item. Phew.

Off to work some more on our room.


organistsandra said...

Charley has been doing a yeoman's job with that room. I'm really impressed. Yay that the flooring is laid!

I really think the room will help the stress level at the house. There will be more room to put 'stuff', and room for people to have their own space. It's not a cure-all, but a little more space does help lower stress level.

There's nobody more guilty than me at being a reminding machine. Drives me nuts. (You suppose it drives the kids nuts?) For me the issue is time. Yes, they'll do the job. Eventually. Why is a messy kitchen or bedroom not inherently annoying to anyone else???

Karin said...

Why is not annoying to anyone else???? I think they just don't realize how annoying it really is to them. They start to not enjoy tripping on randomly dumped stuff or they stop being able to find what they want or perhaps have no clothes and the crankiness of the parents does really effect them too. I have heard "I would take the dishes to the kitchen mom but there is no where to put them". Does that annoy them? I think it does. They just won't admit it in the same way we say it.

Yes, more space will allow for escaping from one another- phew. We did have a financial meeting for the rest of the job and reality speaks for itself. That was an easy financial decision. Dh wants to get what I want still in the color of finish (no color) but that can come with a hefty price.