Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bake sale conclusion

So, I do tend to lean towards the ordinary in the bake sale department. Saturday began with running to the bank, the grocery, and then to Michigan to retreive two of the boys from a party. I got home around 1:30. A child at home was working on oatmeal raisin cookies but neglected to see exactly how long it takes to make them in our oven without them getting too browned......they were too brown. They aren't too brown for us but too brown for a bake sale. Yay! We have a whole tin of oatmeal raising cookies.

Then....we had to make cupcakes for Celilia's little birthday gathering at 4:00. Phew. We got those done and I also had to make homemade sandwich buns for a friend's baby's baptism. BY the time the party was over and we had eaten dinner I regrouped with the older children and we made banana muffins and two cherry crisps. The banana muffins I think sold but there are still two cherry crisps waiting for some occasion for us to eat them. Oh well. Me and bake sales. We had been charged by the pastor to make things that weren't too festive which I can understand. Thus the boring cookie quest for figured oats and raisins weren't too offensive.

The baptism was nice. It was odd to be at our old church and nice to see all the people there. The baby has GROWN. She is 15 pounds! She will bypass Stefan soon. Cute.

Now, to go find bills to pay, clothes to wash and put away and look at what is going on this next week.

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