Saturday, February 02, 2008

End of the Day

So I got away for a few hours and that was nice. Took care of a lot of little errands that had been bugging me. Wasn't totally successful but hey, it was a little progress. I am actually in the mood to cook this evening. I made this very weird salad for the carry in dinner. I hope it tastes good. It has peas, onions, cheese, celery, sweet pickles, peanuts, hard boiled eggs, mayo, lemon juice, green pepper, pimento......and a few other things. Sounds weird and I hope it tastes good. It was in my "Cooking from Quilt Country" book by Marsha Adams. She used to have a show on PBS but I think has since suffered from cancer and I am not sure she is even living. It is a great book even for the interesting information in it and pictures. We shall see if it gets eaten tomorrow.

I am also attempting Tapioca pudding. It may not work as I don't have small pearl but granulated Tapioca. I am not sure they can be substituted. I am thinking about making some ginger bread. We shall see how the energy holds out.

The little kids have been pretty cute this evening. They got some Wee Sing CD and have been listening very attentively to it. Stefan was dancing around in circles and even as number 7 it still fascinates me how they just pick up on twirling around in circles to music. Pretty cool and pretty cute.

Cleaning was mostly successful. I did notice that the garbage can area still looks a little grungy.....may be tomorrow. Grunge is something to be avoided and put off so I shouldn't be surprised that the child put in charge skirted that job.

Time to go read to little people.

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