Friday, February 22, 2008


I don't think I really sit around much and think about my fears but I suppose sometimes they seem bigger than others. Things like a parent's health, friends facing their own fears, the unknowns of life. No, I am not seriously afraid but they are things that don't usually come to light and we muddle along and then they sort of lurk in the background and may become reality. I suppose it is also that fraility of life thing.

I do know I have been struggling with my Anna dear considering leaving the area. How does one decide what is the best decision. She has sort of blogged on this issue. She is being silly, and I am not sure I can be silly about it. Decisions, decisions......a time when praying can't be neglected. I am the lab rat in this case I think. Can I let go of this time we have had together? Sigh. She had a great couple of days I think with some friends and it sounds like this issue came up. We shall see.

So......on to facing my fears.......

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