Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Cecilia Johanna

Cecilia turned 7 on monday. She was born in weather much like we have been having this year. I barely remember much of anything from that day except when she decided to come she came quickly. The week before she was born our well went out so we were without water and thus without plumbing for about five days. We got water back on Friday, I caught up on laundry on Saturday, and she was born on Sunday. I remember my brother was here helping with the basement project and he asked if having a baby was like going out for pizza for us. Har, har Steve. Not exactly.

She was a cute little peanut from day one. See her charming smile? Anna didn't believe it that she had a sister. She was ten at the time. She came to the hospital with the rest of the crew and held her and started to cry. Pastor Struefert happened to be there when she came in and when she asked "Why am I crying?" Pastor said, "I know why you are crying. I had five sisters before I ever had a brother". We all laughed. Anna took her under her wing from day one as she has with all her brothers as well.
Cecilia has always been very petite and soft and gentle. She has her screamy, meany moments but her enthusiasm for learning and understanding seems to always have been there. She is not always the most neat and tidy as her older sister complains about but her little blond headed face is ever so sweet especially when decked out in her choir robe, carrying her hymnal back from Holy Communion.
Her daddy calls her princhepecca (Not sure how to spell that) which is Italian for princess. She certainly can live up to that title. She will be a princess for a long while I think. Anna I am sure will see to her wardrobe (or grandma) and hopefully she learns to see to her own hair soon as having her sister around to do it won't last too much longer.
She isn't that 6 year old girl anymore and is ever so happy to be 7 now. She has grown up quite a lot this last year. If she isn't reading, she is playing happily with her stuff in her room. She is smart as a whip and of course opinionated. What girl is not opinionated in this family????
Happy 7th birthday Princhepecca!


Nat said...

(whisper) It's principessa.

It took a long time for me to witness Cecilia's mean side, and she's never turned it on me. I have to remind myself sometimes that she's not always as soft and quiet as she seems.

Karin said...

Ok, hopefully you never experience it. could influence her to give that up....right?