Sunday, February 03, 2008

Not just another Sunday

The highlight of the morning was getting to hear Isaiah Obare speak during Bible class. He is the son of the Bishop of the Lutheran Church in Kenya. He talk was really incredible and humbling. To hear a man who has truly had his life endangered, threatened for the sake of the Gospel and hear him clearly state his desire to continue in ministering in these conditions was certainly an encouragement to me and a testimony of his faith. THe emphasis on getting the true Word of God to the people of Kenya was also striking. I am sure I am not expressing this in any deep or profound way but our life here is so very rich and soft and spoiled. How spoiled we are to have so many men in the seminaries and so many teachers at our disposal. I don't know of any pastors here in the states who are actually in physical danger for standing up for the purity of the Word and the church.

I did note similarities in problems of liberalism vs. conservative practices as well as the theology of prosperity being prevalent and a problem within the church in Kenya. I found that interesting. It was all very interesting. Understatement. I did see a very cute smile and chuckle from LaRena as Isaiah stated they would love to have Pastor Stuckwisch come and teach in Kenya as he has in Russia. We would keep her company. :o)

I thankful we had this opportunity to hear what he had to say. In many ways you would have to be there. Perhaps Pastor Stuckwisch will blog on it and this will all make more sense. Perhaps that should be a tag.

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