Tuesday, February 12, 2008


So I have been on a rant with my kids about simply saying "Yes, Mom" or "Sorry Mom". It is a seemingly constant attempt by the children to try to blame things on other people and not just owe up to it. "Fabio, have you collected the eggs?" asks the mom. "Well, I was distracted by the two small children who came by with transformers so I forgot." instead of....."No mom, sorry mom". Ugh. Anyway, I keep stopping them in their in their tracks and asking them "What are you to say Fabio?" "Oh, no mom I didn't, sorry mom".

Excuses, excuses. It is paying off some. I am sort of tired of being their brains. Can you tell? It is better so I shouldn't complain too much but the consistancy on the part of the mom can be sort of painful. The brain power to remember 'the plan' of what needs to be done to train these kids is pretty exhausting as well. I am sure that is the same reason the husband comes home after using his brain all day in his most intense manner that leaves him tired and cranky.

Another friend stated that we are basically short tempered at times. We just think we are the only ones. Sigh. Doesn't make it right but getting through each day is a challenge for everyone. Oh there I go again attempting to say something deep. It is just my mind rambling.

Rules and repeating them do seem to lead to more peace and harmony in the school department though. I have been starting each class having the kids tell me the rules. I have been having the kids tell me the rules about everything lately so THEIR brains are working. So maybe their brains are a little more engaged and I can try to transfer a little of the tiredness onto them.....how sweet.

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