Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Rules and questions

So I have been processing, processing my children's ability to let me be their brain. So......we revisit the rules again and this time round I am going to 'try' to remember to ask them questions about what the rules and expectations are instead of saying things like "don't forget to do your chores". or "it is not ok to pitch your shoes wherever you land when you come in the door". It won't solve everything but hopefully they might start processing a little bit on their own......

I am also going to make up a cute little "Rules for Class" sheet for my little darlings to go over every day. Sigh. Sounds like an institution doesn't it?

School went pretty well over all and I would have to say working with the older kids is overall easier. I never could be a kindergarten or 1st thru 3rd grade teacher. Too many wiggles for me. I have enough of that I realize within my own walls but a whole crowd is a challenge. Plus my handwriting is really terrible and wouldn't help the poor dears too much. Good thing LaRena with the beautiful handwriting takes care of that.

Took Erik to the dentist this afternoon and fell asleep in the waiting room. That must have been a sight. Hope I didn't snore or anything.

Stefan seems to have another cold. Being 40 is so nice in that regard. That must be God's design so I have the strength to chase after the little people's noses without worrying about my own.

Back to the dinner prep.......

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