Friday, February 01, 2008


So my dear daughter is more cryptic than I am. I guess that is a trait that must get more pronounced with each generation. I know what she is talking about in her blog and may tell a few select people but.......otherwise don't bother asking. I might burst out laughing. She really is very odd and God Bless the young man who is brave enough to fall for her. She will probably bonk me up side the head for saying that. She really does have many wonderful qualities in all seriousness so this parenting thing can only get more interesting with time.

I am behind looking into colleges for her to visit. I should spend some time today looking online with her at a few possibilities we have considered. She is leaning closer to fiber/textiles again with some accounting on the side. I do still drool over Bach Preludes and Fugues though so I will temper my desire to have a child who can play all of them. She can learn some of them I am sure but perhaps this won't be her field of study. She is a study herself.

It is a snow day if you haven't guessed and I am riding herd on kids doing the subjects they have been neglecting. Hey, perhaps I will get a nap as well.......


Anan said...

::doesn't bonk Mom up side the head and continues to bounce around::

Nat said...

Would it suffice if you divided the preludes and fugues into a number of groups and have each child learn a group?