Sunday, February 24, 2008

Shopping with Stefan

So Stefan was a challenge on our little excursion but we did survive. We HAD to make a Hannah Anderson run as the prices were too good to be true. I have a little Christmas shopping done. I think I better plan ahead anyway as doing that sort of shopping in the fall will be far from my mind. Anyway, Stefan tolerated that place for a little while and then we still wanted to search out some pants for Anna. I decided he should walk. I rarely decide to let small children out of the grasp of the backpack or a stroller as they will get the idea that they can run wild. He held our hands and tromped down the sidewalk. a typical male, when we hit the store front he let out a yelp and wanted to continue walking on the sidewalk and NOT in the dreaded store full of women's stuff. Sigh. We managed somehow. The troubles we have. He did of course discover after giving up on us that you could run under the clothes rack from one side to the other. The older shopping women looked so annoyed. Smile.

He walked back to the car and protested again being placed back in his dreaded car seat. Now we can probably never take him anywhere as I broke the rule of never letting children down on the ground. We shall see.

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