Saturday, February 09, 2008

Playing video games

So.....I don't think I really need to play video games as driving around town is a live action game. There are pot holes to dodge everywhere you look is like playing a video game I think except you have to hit some of them to avoid hitting another car. Wow. Tax dollars at work. Driving at night in the fog is especially entertaining. My dh assures me that the cars will weather the storm. Ok.......

Other jealousy allowed please. We decided about a month ago to get Anna her graduation gift a year early. We bought her a nice sewing machine. She is very pleased and the plus side will also be that difficult projects now got a lot easier. I am sorry she won't be stopping by to use other people's sewing machines to put in zippers anymore. That is the down side for everyone else. The owner of the shop studied what she is interested in studying so I am sure they will have some great bonding time. I am excited for her. She doesn't graduate for another year but I would like her to get use of this machine now to prepare for the future. Even if she changes her mind about area of study she will still be able to get a lot of use out of this machine.

I had some energy today despite Stefan screaming until about 4:00 this afternoon. He is cutting his molars and was inconsolable. Children's motrin and ambosol didn't seem to help so he was also not eating. Ugh. A hungry baby is a grumpy baby.

Oh.....while driving to Barnes and Noble after picking up Anna from work I was totally mystified by the traffic. Why was everyone out shopping?????? Anna figured it out. Valentines Day is coming. We started down a road and there was no turning back to get out of the traffic. The bookstore was crammed with people. I don't do Valentines Day so I was pretty amazed by the turn out.

A few years ago Anna and I were at Martin's grocery and were mystified by the stream of dad's and small children streaming in the store at 5:00. Why were they there??? Then it dawned on us.....Valentines day and procrastinating dad's with little kids. We were thinking it might be entertaining to go back to Martin's this year to watch the parade of dad's with bouquets coming out of the store at the last minute. Balloons, teddy bears with flowers, was sort of cute and amusing. We just don't do that holiday. We are lucky to do birthdays for adults around here. I guess that is sort of a bad habit but there are a lot of birthdays around here.

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