Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sick kids

My oldest three are sick. I am just tired as far as I can tell. Stefan is just Stefan.....not always happy, scratching, picky eater, so hard to determine if he is sick. The next three are fine.....so far. They went out to play in the snow. They were supposed to go skiing today and it would have been perfect weather but instead the oldest ones are sleeping in bed. Last week it was too cold to go skiing. So maybe they won't get to go at all. We shall see.

I am really hoping I am not sick. I was SOOO tired last night I basically pitched the kids at Charley when I got home and went to bed. Stefan and I have already had a nap. He seems like a happy camper now. I need to get my sickos to at least drink a little something so I am not peeling them off the floor. I also better go hunt a chicken from the freezer for some chicken noodle soup this evening. I think Matthew is feeling a little better.

Exciting post eh? Especially for those of you who read it and spend a lot of time with my kids......yesterday to be exact. Sorry folks......

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