Sunday, February 24, 2008

What's up

Things seem to be muddling along. I have probably been over processing the whole college thing again concerning daughter dear. Eight hours away seems horrid but I guess I too can email her. I am wise to the 'don't buy the first shiny car you see' but on the other hand this shiny car looks like a good fit. Charley and I are going out with her in a few weeks to visit and find out more information. It will be like a little retreat in a way as well.

The sun is out today which seemed sort of surprising. Anna and I are going to escape for a little bit with Stefanopolis this afternoon. It is sort of irresponsible on the one hand but on the will be fun. Hopefully I can get the laundry put away before school tomorrow. I also better go defrost something for dinner so we are not panicked. Hmmmm.....I guess I could go do that before we run away eh?

Had an ultrasound on Friday and this is something pretty new to me. I have only had three others and they were a LONG time ago and I never saw any clear pictures like we did on Friday. The baby is at 12 weeks and I would say that was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. We could see fingers and toes and the baby had his/her hands on it's head. (grammar?). The tech said girls do that and Charley and I were both thinking the same thing but didn't say anything at the time......the baby is already scratching. I guess we know what to do with eczema. We are just sort of kidding. She was guessing the baby is a girl and with her skilled experienced views (at 12 weeks!!!) she was sort of convincing. We shall see. We still call the baby Fabritzio (spelling?). It was reassuring to say the least to see the ultrasound as this baby business has it's stressors.

I forgot about Confession and Absolution until almost too late so didn't eat anything. My head was pondering if anyone has ever passed out at C and A. Hmmmm......didn't want to torture the pastor but made it through and am certain I was paying attention despite my tummy rumbling. I also pondered weird things like how one kneels later on..........I am as weird as my children or is it the other way around. I suppose you don't kneel????

The laundry is a monster. Parenting with only small children must be torture. Or at the least challenging. I have not a clue how I ever got anything done. Anna was at work and the three oldest boys and Charley were Scout camping this weekend. My brother stopped by and commented that my staff was missing. He was right.

Better go prepare to be irresponsible.

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Anan said...

"I guess I too can email her"? Mommmmmm.... ?? ? Hmph.