Thursday, February 28, 2008

Teaching math

So somehow I am ironically teaching math to a lot of kids. I never have seen myself as passionate about math but realize they have to learn math. Yippee. In fact I did everything possible to avoid math as a high school/college student. But.......I do see the problems that the kids have in general with math so passionate math teacher I will become. How do you muster up passion to teach something that you have never loved? That is the question. My dh as Mr. Wonder Engineer sees math as THE most important subject and math is Mr. Obvious to him. Well, unfortunately it is not Mr. Obvious to everyone so somehow I need to facilitate it becoming more obvious. Ugh.

I don't read anymore, I rarely knit, never play my horn, I don't walk with my friend Cindy, and I have two kids with learning difficulties to conquer and divide that take that time. I know, I know, that is what I am given to do right now. So do it. I do listen to Bible class on my MP3 player and to the sermons if I can remember to transfer them to the player. I do LOVE my MP3 player. Who knew some lady would be listening to such things at Meijer or WalMart. I am the only 40 something year old wondering around with those little things in my ears listening to the 'latest hits'.

I have 45 minutes to get out the door so later y'all.....


Polly said...

Seems I never have time to listen to my mp3 player, but I never thought about listening to it while shopping - what a great idea. I need to find some earphones that will stay in my ears.

organistsandra said...

Have you not seen my 50 something year old with wires and all those things attached to his belt?!

btw: Rob gets to celebrate his birthday in Hawaii this year.

Tonight the choir kids are sleeping in sleeping bags on the church floor, while the choir director and chaperones (that would be us) are staying at this multi-million dollar home. :-)

Karin said...

But he is not a 40 something year old woman! Ha! Enjoy some rays for me and I am glad he listens to those little things now rather than reading and walking down the street at the same time. ;o)