Saturday, March 01, 2008

Obsessive cleaning

Cecilia and her friend have a game where I think they are some sort of super heroes and the super heroes are the Scrubby Do Two. So.......she has been scurrying around the house cleaning obsessively. This sounds like a trick a parent may try on their kids but they came up with it themselves. I don't know if the other half of the duo is cleaning at their house but our floors are getting swept daily and she would not go to bed until she decluttered the living room and straightened books and such. I suppose I can not convince the other kids to join this game as they would not find it as much fun as their sister. We shall see how long this lasts.

Stefan is cutting many teeth and seems discontented a lot. He is over his creeping crud though which is good. No one else has fallen prey to the plague but I am not holding my breath that they will make it and not have someone at home from church tomorrow.

Charley and the Scouts are off at Port-a-pit (a chicken fund-raiser) and who knows when I will see them again. It is hard for Charley to make much progress around here with the weekends occupied with activity. Sigh. Perhaps I should take Anna to Stephen's college on my own. Hmmm.......

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