Tuesday, March 11, 2008

We have to remember a lot

I am AMAZED at how much we have to remember. Ugh. There are the bills and when they are due. There are appointments and whether we rebooted the laundry this morning. There are the MANY rashes to keep track of and treat. What is for dinner? I don't know. What week is it? Is everyone keeping track of their responsibilities? Have I reviewed everyone's memory work? Probably not. Have I done reading and spelling with the kids who need extra help? Have I gone to the bathroom lately? (sorry, but I do actually have to think about that every once in awhile?). Have I eaten much today? How about my vitamins? Has my allergy kid taken care of his allergy meds? (Usually not). Did I fill out the 4-H papers yet? No. Have I returned people's phone calls? Have I checked the babies diaper lately? Have I said anything to Benjamin in the last 24 hours? (I do have to remember him as he is a house flopper - happy and content to entertain himself - doesn't seek attention......ugh). Are the bathroom doors shut to keep the babies from swimming? Why am I in the basement anyway? Ok, I will shut up now.


Laura said...


It is nice to see I am not the only one! I have just started the art of forgetting things...completely. I never use to be like that...is it our age or the kids needing more from us as they grow older themselves...I don't know? But I understand...you are not alone!

Debbie Theiss said...

Just wait, pretty soon you won't be able to see them!

Susan said...

Oh, Karin, this post sure resonates with me!

Karin said...

Yes, Charley thought I needed a bottle of wine last night. Overwhelmed might be the word for this.