Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Wednesday night again.....

So it was another Wednesday night Lenten service. The young people sang again which was nice. Dinner was nice. Only one moment of excitement when Benjamin apparently had been choking on an ice cube. I had no idea and it suddenly, loudly came out of him. It sounded suspiciously of someone getting sick but he in his Benjamin style pronounced that this round thing in his drink was stuck in his throat. Yikes. I am certain none of us were paying attention to him so I have no idea how stuck it was or how long he struggled with it. Ugh. Mother guilt.

Then Stefan and a friends little one year old girl played together. Stefan has a ball he likes to throw and he threw it a little to impress her and then offered it to her. appeared he was going to smooch her. He was holding her hands and gazing into her eyes. We were all amused. She didn't let him. Smart girl.

During the service there was only one moment of excitement from our pew where I was again unaware that Benjamin was looking at Stefan's ball which had been sitting behind me and then suddenly it flew out of his hands and rollled under all the pews to where the acolyte (my son) was sitting. All this during a hymn and there was this squeal from Benjamin that the ball was gone. Church is full of surprises.

The kids are all over the place tomorrow while we check out a college. That will be weird. I am not totally ready and should just go to bed. I am incapable of staying up late working so that is the plan at the moment.

Oh, I forgot. We read a good portion of "Grossology" this afternoon and it seems it should be required reading as it really has a lot of practical information in it. We are up to athletes foot and various fungus of the body. Yum, yum. I would think it would help encourage some young folks I know to change their socks every so often......... The book is completely about the body and all it's lovely functions. We are enjoying it anyway.

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