Friday, March 21, 2008


I am a bit frustrated by a constant sleepy feeling. I am sure it has something to do with the baby but being as month five started yesterday, you would think this would be my bright and perky time. Perhaps it is the weather but I do find it difficult to make it through the daily tasks and not drown in what is not done. Anna and Erik,I think, are feeling a little guilty about that as they have been slaving away at Heavenly Ham this week.

Charley is in his element chopping down a tree in our front yard. I was watching him while holding Stefan and Matthew was holding the rope to keep his dad from dropping off the tree to the ground while Charley was sawing into this old tree. Suddenly a big old fat coon came out a hole in the other side of the tree where Charley couldn't see it. You see Charley was WAY up on the tree to chop this section down so I thought for sure that thing was going to go around and scare the you know what out of him but instead it scurried down the tree and off into the woods someplace. That was exciting.

Now I need to go on a church clothes hunt and make sure things are ready for the rest of the weekend. I will try to stave off the temptation to sit down and take a nap.......

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