Saturday, March 01, 2008

Long day not over yet

We are currently on a hunt for Sunday clothes in closets so that we don't either show up like clowns, or show up late, or show up grumpy, or whatever dreadful thing might happen on a Sunday morning. Perhaps we will show up all smiles and they won't have been recently plastered on our faces but will have been cheerfully beaming for at least an hour. Sweet. I won't be too optimistic though........negative attitude. There are always those toddlers who might decide to put their feet up on the seat in front of them annoying their siblings, or the bottle that gets forgotten or the mom who didn't find some clothes that fit the night before.

Anna chopped her finger at Heavenly Ham today. She is playing for the service tomorrow but claims she is fine. Ok.

The boys and Charley were MUCH too long at Port-a-Pit sales. Thank you to those who tried to help get them home sooner. I flopped around with the little people at home and got a little of this and that done again. Oh, Cecilia of course got a lot done. Scrubby doo two to the rescue! I think her grandma tried to call her but I can't be sure to congratulate her on her new position.

I hope I can stay awake long enough to do something without Stefan screaming at me. When he is tired he screams and screams. When he sees me he screams and screams. I think he may be a more talented screamer than Anna was when she was a baby.

Better go mash the potatoes.......

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