Saturday, March 15, 2008

Weird idea

So my bedroom has been driving me insane and I had a crazy idea. When someone moves they have to remove everything from their room and it goes in a new room. I thought that I could do the same thing. Literally remove everything from my room; closet stuff, under the bed stuff, stuff that has been dumped in there since people don't know where else to put it. Then I would only put back what I want to go in there and not let anything else come back in. Sounds divine. Of course I would clean it from top to bottom before the stuff went back in. The Ft. Wayne Seminary will probably get a nice donation as the clothes that don't go back in the closets would need to go somewhere.

The first trick will be to get the energy to remove it all then clean it all. The next trouble is that people still like to eat and we have been eating a basic pbj diet for awhile that comes from desperate living. When I do cook, the food is gone in a twinkling of an eye and we are back to not having food again. I set my goals too high I think.

The next problem will be that Monday is on it's way and wherever I put the stuff from the room in the meantime can't be out on Monday morning. And mouths will still want to eat. I am trying to solve Holy Week eating by cooking a big turkey today and then making turkey this and that for the rest of the week. Our turkeys are 27 plus pounds on the average so that SHOULD get us through the week. Then of course it will be ham time on Easter Sunday. The perk of the kids working at Heavenly Ham is we get a 'no brainer' spiral cut ham every holiday that removes all that preparation from my plate. Yay!

On to the project. Energy donations anyone??????


Nat said...

I've had that idea before. My mom is skeptical.

Karin said...

But think how pleased and smiley she would be done when it was done?

TruthQuestioner said...

It actually works! We did it last summer when we *actually* painted my room. White of course, nothing fancy, but it did afford me an opportunity to rid myself of many unneccessary items.