Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Gentleman at church part three

So another cool thing that I observe of young boys practicing gentlemanly behavior at church is their perserverance in serving coffee and doughnuts between the service and Bible class. No they are not church basement women (and neither am I!) but they do their best and serve politely and quietly. They also stay after and do their best at cleaning up when they are done. They do not do this 'church basement women perfect' either but far be it from me to complain. I am just happy they continue with little grumbling. I personally feel that when these efforts are made they should be praised for their efforts and not criticized. If we see something wrong then we can shut up and cheerfully help make it church basement women nice. Yes, a few complaints have been raised to these young boys and they seem to take it respectfully, but quite honestly I have NEVER been to ANY church where young boys help in this way so I might come to their defense. They can be encouraged and patiently worked with to make improvement and truthfully, young boys take any 'criticism' far better than ANY girl (including myself) would take such remarks. They don't quit serving and they don't seem to get defensive. Try that out for size ladies! Can you tell I am proud of these boys?

A similar way these groups of boys have served is at funerals. They cheerfully give of their time to help the ladies at church with serving and especially clean up. This is especially appreciated.

So 'Gentleman 101' is.......young and older men alike.....there is nothing that makes a young or older lady beam more than to see cheerful, willing, uncomplaining service on the part of the men. Serving in this way at home has the same effect on your mother or wife. Amazing and truly rewarding - har, har.

Happy serving!

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