Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Today's adventures

I slept till 7:30am which was a treat. No one up (except dh who was amazingly quiet getting out the door). I have been waking up every two hours on the average which is a little agravating. It 'goes' with the territory though.

I left the sicko home with Benjamin who also slept in this morning and the rest of the kids and I took off for church. There were I think nine of us total in attendance including the pastor. We even had an organist and the service was nice. He waited for our small crowd to get back from communion so we could all sing the hymn together. That was genious of him. Anna sat in the back with Stefan so I actually sat in the pew. Sigh. THat was nice too. At the end of the service, a fine young man jumped out into the aisle to usher us out. We all sort of giggled, as nine of us didn't HAVE to ushered out but he offered.

School went pretty well considering it was a late start. We are plotting and planning for next year in our spare time. Juggling the schedule and who is teaching what. Planning sure is fun.....

I almost stole something from the drug store this afternoon as I forgot it was in my hand. If I only had a brain......

Matthew went to the ortho again today. He only needs his teeth cranked till Sunday evening. Phew. That is a relief. After his appt. we went to finally pick up Stefan's baby pictures. It was nice to see visable evidance that he has grown. He is a busy kid.

I've included a picture of how Charley entertained himself between services this weekend.

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organistsandra said...

Yea for sleeping in! I've been fighting a sore throat and was feeling totally wiped out yesterday. Last night I slept nine hours. Wow. Changes my whole outlook on life. Hope you get another good night tonight. Remember, you're sleeping for two.