Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dog seems better

I am not sure what his problem was. He was following us around and not drinking. Charley thinks it was the fire alarm beeping the low battery signal. I guess since that noise makes me mildly crazed that it would and could make a dog really crazy. I'm glad he seems better. I was just wondering on his tenth birthday Monday how much long we would have him.


Anita said...

I'm glad he's feeling better. The low battery beeps always drove my dogs a little nuts. They have such good hearing I'm sure that pitch must be a bit intense for them.
I've been fretting over my own sick pooch. Otto still has some congestion from his kennel cough and a running nose too:( He wouldn't drink any water or eat for the first few days
and I worried because his nose was getting so dry. A friend of mine suggested adding some Parmesan cheese to the water. It's what they did for their dog who needed frequent tests w/ a full bladder.
He seems to have perked up a bit. He's eating and drinking and yesterday he and Pearl actually played with each other in the yard. Until then they had just avoided each other. It was a big relief.
Anyway sorry for the ramble, Glad Chip is feeling better:)

Karin said...

Thanks. Isn't it odd that these dogs who may sometimes get underfoot will cause us to fret over their problems. Maybe it is because they can't tell us what is wrong. He was probably yelling at us inwardly to catch a clue and fix that thing! Anna's rabbit was killed by a coon and discovered this morning too so that didn't help the stress. Hope your's continue to feel better.