Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Warmer Day

Overall it has been a good day. The kids seemed to apply themselves more in school and the school day itself was actually somewhat interesting. It is much warmer out and Anna and I took a walk when I got home. The fans are off from the woodstove and I even opened a window. There is water bubbling in the creek down the road which will dry up later this summer (unless we keep getting more moisture like we have been).

So.....what is my problem. I see a lot of stuff that needs to be done and I still lack the energy to attack it and make it go away. My walk was good but I can see that I will not be Mrs. Energy for awhile. Sigh. This makes me a little bit down as it seems as hard as I am able to work that either mentally I get worn out and don't feel like tackling work when school is done or I do some work and it makes me really tired anyway. The kids seem to be studying pretty hard with progress in places which is good but they too don't feel like working when they are done with their studies.

I enjoy time to just talk about things other than work that needs to be done but that seems unlikely as that is my main thing in see that stuff gets done. Then I wonder why I have a short supply of patience and perhaps it is because talking about work just isn't very brain stimulating to me. I just want the work to be done and over with so I can have a moment or two to unwind. Perhaps too spring makes me restless and I just want to get outside and hope the mess inside will just disappear.

Stefan the dry skinned baby is finishing up one of his daily spa baths and hopefully this batch of cream applying will make him look less like a lizard and feel less like one as well.

Hopefully I can switch on my happy switch and get something done switch and not feel so overwhelmed in the morning. Sorry to complain but it is what is running around in my head.

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