Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Gentlemen for Dummies

I have been 'inspired' to get going on this endeavor. I have thought a lot about writing a book in honor of my five sons (and perhaps my dear husband) that outlines proper etiquette for young men (or older) when dealing with the dear ladies in their lives. This book comes up often but where to begin???

Since I am supposed to be responsible and get my children and myself ready to go out the door in a half an hour I will begin with a little portion that warms my heart. So the sign of a young gentleman in the making would start at the church door. Many a time I have witnessed three to fifteen year old (and perhaps older) young boys stopping at the church door to hold it for their mothers. There is nothing sweeter than seeing the older generation standing behind them ready to greet people and then have a son standing holding the door. I have seen it of other sons for their own mothers and I would say this is a sign of hope that they are learning something. I think starting this writing on a perky positive note is a good thing. The boys are sporting big grins and holding the incredibly heavy door waiting patiently in all sorts of weather. This is a good start.

So begins......."Gentlemen for Dummies". Stay tuned.......

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