Friday, March 28, 2008

mysterious someone

A mysterious someone ate all my licorice that my mum gave me on Sunday. No one seems to know where it went.....hmmmm......did Stefan eat it? I don't think so. They all stare at me blankly when quized. Very interesting.

Then a mysterious someone removed all the scoops for measuring Stefan's formula. No one knows anything about it. I have since found a few in the diaper bag so at least I have one. But I am afraid we will never solve the mysteries of this house.

We are going to Ag days this afternoon for the first time since Anna was Cecilia's age. You would think we would go to this thing but I guess we have enough animals right here.

Exciting times......

1 comment:

Anan said...

I am innocent! Save me sweet lady! wu uh uh uh!