Sunday, March 02, 2008

She done good

So I am a proud mommy. Anna played the whole divine service this morning and in my humble mommy opinion, and considering it was a Pastor Stuckwisch service, complete with 7 hymns and many of those with 7 to 10 verses.......she done GREAT! She plugged right along with no obvious fumbles and seemed totally confidant and prepared. Yay Anna! I do hope she will have more opportunity on a more regular basis to do this again.

We did manage to get to church cheerfully and with no mishaps. Charley and I are suffering cold feet for leaving Stefan with a friend, not for lack of confidance in the caretaker but more because he screams so much that I am not excited about torturing her. She stole him this morning during Bible class and he seemed cheerful enough. Her daughter who had/has eczema as well and I was telling her my hesitation and she said "Oh yes, our daughter with eczema did that till she was four." Ahhhh!!!!!!!!! Well......perhaps we will have to have her take him more often just for a break from the screaming.

As usual I am hungry and need to go feed the masses so off I go. Just wanted to share my dear daughters success.


AmusedMomma said...

Good for Anna! That's awesome.

organistsandra said...

Hooray Anna! I'm delighted (but not surprised) to hear that the service went well. I sure was thinking about her.