Sunday, March 09, 2008

Are we home yet?

So staying in a hotel is certainly better than camping, I am not good at going out to eat many times in a row. Yes, I have the same problem my daughter has that the excess salt and fat starts to get to me. We are off to have a little portion of eggs and toast here in a few minutes. Then we are going to church here in Columbia.

I am also grateful that we don't have tv reception. I am clearly very sheltered but not the worse for wear for it. I am happy to stick with peace and quiet most of the time. Well.....I am not sure about the quiet but five boys I am amazed at the nature of most of tv. I am also happy to just listen to country music.......not watch it........the five boys again........

We have a had a very nice time though despite missing the comforts of home. I am sure Anna will elaborate on her blog but our talks have been realistic that most of the things that might bug us i.e. people making bad choices or dealing with other's opinions will be found anywhere. The school itself seems like a very good match as well as the faculty. I will have to have her chat with some of her college age friends for some reassurance.

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