Saturday, March 22, 2008

Home Wreckers

So Charley was wandering around our ever randomly cluttered with every kids stuff home and he declared, after seeing Stefan wander through making a mess, "Ah! Soon we will have another home wrecker". "Yes, dear." I replied, "and just think we invite other people's home wreckers regularly to our home as well!" What a hoot. I do really believe that despite the frustration of constant messes that someday we will miss this battle. Then we can steal our kids kids so they can come mess up the house too. ;o).

Back to panic cleaning..........

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Glenda said...

My high-school economics teacher always referred to kids as "curtain climbers." I always thought that funny, but now I like Charley's term more and think I'll use it every now and again. I need to go get my "home-wreckers" to bed now.