Tuesday, March 04, 2008


So I have NEVER been one to give grades. But, I have come to the conclusion that those cute little math students will never become more careful if they do not see the result of their 'work'. There are some who are careful and slow, some who want to 'get er done' and some who need to study the concepts a little more. The little people thought it was pretty cool to get a grade. One wants to know what it will get him/her. Hmmm......no pizza that is for sure. I am just afraid that the older kids will not be ready for the realities of college for those that go, if they do not know how to work carefully for a grade. I don't love doing this but I don't see any alternative.

The kitchen is sort of caught up again until this next meal is done. The ironing is out of control again. Too bad I don't like t-shirts very much any more. I have grocery shopping to get done before the weekend so I am prepared for next week and other reasons.

Ahhhhh!!! It is getting late so better go feed the crew.

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